How Often Should I Drive My EV?

How Often Should I Drive My EV?

Your electric car can be driven as often or as rarely as you wish.

There is no defined minimum that you need to adhere to enable you to keep your car in the best condition.

Instead, keeping your electric vehicle (EV) and your EV battery roadworthy is the easiest way to be sure that it is ready to use whenever you need it.

To do this, follow our top tips for keeping your EV in great condition and ensure you can drive as regularly or as rarely as you choose.

Stay charged to keep moving

With electric cars, it is important that you keep your car battery within the optimum state of charge, (SOC).

This percentage range will ensure that your battery is not put under undue stress and can perform as it is intended.

It also confirms that your batteries can be kept in the best condition, that battery life is prolonged and can last the 10-20 years expected.

The percentage range most EVs should stay between is 20-80%.

Charging to above 80% or letting battery levels drop below 20% regularly can contribute to an increased likelihood of damage, due to battery stress, caused by extremely high or low SOCs.

Being exposed to such stresses regularly will decrease battery storage and can decrease overall battery life expectancy.

Prepare your car properly before storing

If you are planning to leave your car stationary for an extended period, you should make sure you prepare it properly to make sure your car and the battery are kept in great condition.

Electric vehicles have two batteries that need to be maintained, the larger battery used to help the car move and the other, a 12-volt battery which is used to power electrical components.

During extended periods off the road, the main battery will recharge the 12-volt battery so that when the car is needed, it can start and get going quickly without delay.

To ensure that your batteries don’t deplete entirely, you should charge the car to the make and model’s particular charge sweet spot. This percentage will differ with each car, and the specific value can be found in the vehicle handbook.

The Renault ZOE, for example, is recommended to hold a minimum charge of 20%.

When you purchase your car, you should be sure to consult the vehicle handbook to find your model’s percentage, and always charge to this point before storing it.

Other top tips to maintain your EV battery
  • Park your car in temperate spots protected from extreme highs and lows of temperature.
  • Put your car in ‘deep sleep,’ or ‘power save’ mode if possible.
  • Move your car by an inch or two regularly to prevent flat patches on your tyres.

If you follow these easy steps, your EV battery will be kept in the best possible condition, allowing you use it as often or as infrequently as you prefer.

It will also help keep your electric car roadworthy for as long as possible, saving you money on failed MOTs and repairs.

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